on 8/27/02 1:31 PM, Andrew Ziem at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended
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> Unfortunately, I am not using FileMaker Pro.  I am using FileMaker server, a
> similar product.  Also, FileMaker Server does not support XML, which is the
> method fx.php uses to connect PHP and FileMaker Pro.

Hi Andrew,

I hope I'm proven wrong, but I think you're not going to be able to connect
to FileMaker Server directly.  Basically, FM Server is just the server part
of a client-server relationship with FileMaker Pro being the client.

The only solution I know of is to run a version the FileMaker unlimited
client connected to the FileMaker server.  You can then use the native XML
output from the Web Companion or one of the previously mentioned php

Hope that helps.


Paul Burney

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