i have a simple guest book script from a book by jay greenspan i think ,
when i run seems oikay i fill in the form and click submit, after submitting
iam getting this error ?

    PHP Warning: Failed opening 'dbconnect.php' for inclusion
    (include_path='c:\php\includes') in
    on line 5 PHP Notice:
    Undefined variable: submit in c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\php\create_entry.php on
line 6

i had a look at the 'Include_path' in the php.ini file but it seemed oikay.
i have Win98 runing PWS i checked it with the <? phpinfo() ?> script and it

here is the Exact Contense for the dbconnection.php file

    die ("Could not connect to database");
    die ("Could not select database");

'richie' is both my password and user, im a newbie to all this PHP stuff so
if someone could please Explain to me how to get PHP to work with MySQL id
be very grateful.

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