If indeed it is the fact that users are clicking the 'upload' button
twice, then you could incoporate a "flood control" script that
dissallows multiple uploads for the same file and same IP Address for a
specific time period (10 seconds perhaps).

I used to have one of these, but have mislaid it. Perhaps you could ask
for one here or go looking at

Hope that's of some help...

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Subject: [PHP-DB] douplicate entry

Hi guys,

I have a community site running, where members can upload images of
themselves. The images are stored inside blobs of a mysql db.

Now sometimes -no clue how they do it- it happens that I get an errormsg
saying douplicate entry for bla.jpg
I guess they do press the upload button twice or something similar. Of
course there is a unique index on the column.

My question is how to prevent this error?

Thank you for any help on this.


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