Em Qui, 2002-08-29 ās 16:05, Adam Williams escreveu:
> oh yeah duh me, set it 701
>                       Adam
> On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Ryan Jameson (USA) wrote:
> > Wouldn't that make php unable to read it as well? Then it is useless as well.

  Oh, please, setting "x" bit will permit what ? PHP has to READ the
file to execute it.

  And, if the admin has root privileges, what you can do to prevent him
to view the file (a plain text php file) ?

  One simple thing to do is to make the source so difficult to
understand that people would consider it unreadable. I think the right
term is to obfuscate the code. There is programs to do this to C, Perl,
Tcl, etc., but I don't know if there is one for PHP.

  Encryption is not enough because PHP would need to decrypt it.

  Hmm, and if you make a PHP module (binary) and use its functions from
the PHP plain text file ?

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