Hi there,

I have a running system where users can upload images. Each image has to be
acompanied with several other text infos suplied by the uploading person.
The image istself is stored in the filesystem and the data (like name of the
user and imagefilename) are stored in a mysql myisam table. Now there are 2
problems I try to solve:

    o     If more than one person is uploading images in the same time,
           it occures that the user name is missing. This info comes out
           of the db as well. I guess it is just not fast enough before it
           be writen to the db again?

    o    Some users would like to upload the image first and view it as
          a thumbnail. After this they would have to add the text data.
          I fear that some of them would not do this and I would have a
          file hanging around not belonging to anything. So I wonder if
          it would be possible to upload it first to a temp dir, add the
          later and then move it from the temp dir to the propper one.
          I guess there has to be some kind of mechanism deleting old images
          periodicly which do not belong to anybody. I am kind of lost with
          this idea. Maybe some of you guys has a good idea on it?!

Thank you for any help on this cases.



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