... I was wondering for quiete a while about the subject to get it accurat
enough concerning the problem I'm really having.

I have my MySQL database runing, my site is running and fetching the data
from the database without any problems. I can access PHPMyAdmin without any
problems aswell, I can browse my tables and the entries of the tables.
But whenever I try to make any changes to my table, or to an entry, or if I
try to rename a table, or create a new table, I get the "The Page Cannot Be
Displayed"-404-error - why is that???   And why does this error only occur
when I'm altering the database??

Is it a read-only-no-writting-problem??   is it a setting that does that
PHPMyAdmin can't find the database to alter my changes??  If so, why can I
brose the database and see all my entries and the content of the database??

Looking forward in getting some response.


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