Hey Graeme,

> $MemberID = @mysql_query("SELECT ID FROM SiteMember WHERE Username =
> '$valid_user'");
> $array = mysql_fetch_assoc($MemberID);
> print_r($array);
> this will produce:
> Array ( [ID] => 3 )
> All I want is the value 3 so that I can go ahead and insert that into the
> Lookup table.
> Any ideas how I can just extract this value?  I'm also not 100% clear on
> what "mysql_fetch_assoc" does, can anyone explain it?

mysql_fetch_assoc() takes the response from MySQL (the query resultset) and
hands it to PHP as an associative array. This array only consists of one
element: $array['ID'] - which in your example has the value 3. So echo
$array['ID']; or similar use will give you what you seem to be asking for.

Please read the manual:
mysql_fetch_assoc() and the whole appendix on MySQL functions
array processing and associative arrays

Of course if you are resolving the value (3) in order to submit that to
another query ("Lookup table"), then you should be looking at relational
database methodology and table joins!


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