Hi there,

I'm new to PHP, especially to the db-functions.
I've got a problem querying my PostgreSQL server using pg_query.
The Tables i'm working on contain colume names with uppercase letters.
Working on those tables directly with psql, the client program delivered
with postgresql, works like expected. Its case-sensitive, so you have to
specify the table names with the correct case of the letters. But pg_query
seems to convert all queries into lowercase.

A query like: INSERT INTO users (UsrLoginName, UsrPassword) VALUES ...
results in an errormessage like: PHP Warning:  pg_query() query failed:
ERROR:  Relation 'users' does not have attribute 'usrloginname' ...

What did i do wrong? Or is it a problem with the postgresql db-package of

I think, if the backend is case-sensitive, PHP's functions should be
case-sensitiv, too!
Please don't tell me to convert all tables/colums to lowercase!

My config:
Apache 2.0.40 + PHP 4.2.2 + PostgreSQL 7.2.2

Thanks in advance,

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