That's a toughie.  I've done it once where I used a small popup window
(opening it with JavaScript) to go to the server, perform the query to
retrieve the information, stuff it into a JavaScript array and then return
the array to the calling page and close the window.

It works but the user will see a small window pop-up.

Other than that, it is possible to use a Java Applet to do it as well.


* Cal Evans
* The Virtual CIO

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Hi, i have a question, it may be dumb, but im very new with php and mysql,
i need help.

 how can i check a form when i change from one field to another???? I want
make a condition.....if the number i typed is allready in the database, not
just when i finish filling out the hole form...clickin in submit and then
make the !!!! heheheh

         Rodrigo Corra

      Obs: Sorry about the english, im from my english isnt

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