you have to restart your mysqld server with
--default-character-set=greek option. You can either do this by
explicitly giving it in the command line when restarting your mysqld, or
you can add that line to your global my.cnf file. 

Hope this helps

On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 03:29, Achilleas Maroulis wrote:
> Hi, I have a MySQL problem but due to small problem of my email I can't subscribe to 
>a MySQL list so I wonder if someone from you can answer (actually I'm sure about 
> My problem is that I have a query that fetches all data from a table in alphabetical 
>order using the "...order by col_name asc..." command. The problem is that the data 
>in this column is not in english but in greek (as I am Greek!!) and they are not 
>coming in the right order.
> I don't know where to start searching for the solution... 
> Is it the operating sysytem (SuSE LINUX 8.0 in greek) or the MySQL installation 
>(v3.23 which came with the SuSE installation)?
> Thanx in advance...

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