$variable_to_be_passed = 'some value';
echo "<td><a href='some_page.php?variable=$variable_to_be_passed'>I am a 

I think this should do it, not quite sure what you mean by wrappinga 
table cell in a anchor tag?  Of course if you need to use the results of 
a database, this can be done too with the same method.


Aaron Merrick wrote:
> All,
> How can I display the results of a table so that the first field (column) is
> a link to another page that shows the details of that row? Issue #1, I have
> to wrap the cell contents in an <a href.  Issue #2, I need to pass a
> variable to the referenced page when the link is clicked.  Anyone know of
> any good examples of this?
> Thanks,
> Aaron

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