Oops, you have one more error that I see, one one line you reference
author-cat as a table name and on another you refer to it as author_cat.
Make the appropriate change and try it again. One of the table references is
wrong and will generate a missing table error.


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From: Wilmar Perez
Date: Friday, September 06, 2002 09:57:48
To: php-db mailing list
Subject: [PHP-DB] not a valid MySQL result

Hello guys

This is my first posting to the list, even though I've had some experience 
with C++, these are my first steps with php and mysql.

Well, the thing is that I'm getting the following message:

Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource 
in /var/www/bva/new/main/colecciones.php on line 35

The code is shown below:

$query_cat = "select author_names || ' ' || author_surnames 
from author, author-cat
where author_cat.cat_code = $code
and author.author_code = author-cat.author_code";

$result_cat = mysql_query($query_cat);

$num_results_cat = mysql_num_rows($result_cat); //This is line 35

I did the same with a simpler select sentence and it worked alright, so I 
guess there's a problem with the select sentence but haven't been able to 
find it.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Wilmar Pérez
Network Administrator
Library System
Tel: ++57(4)2105145
University of Antioquia
Medellín - Colombia

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