I  have a head scratcher.. prob just a glitch on my side, but somehow I 
am confused with the results.

I have a php script pulling from a mysql database for id/names which is 
getting choices through a check box form. All of that works just fine, 
but I wanted to display the results sorted by title. My snippet of code 

// $restaurants = array() of ids back from form
         for($i=0;$i<sizeof($restaurants);$i++) {
             $rest_id = $restaurants[$i];
             $sql="select name from restaurants where id=$rest_id";
             $result=mysql_query($sql) or die($sql . mysql_error());
             while($row=mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
                 $rest_name .= ucwords(stripslashes($row->name)) . ";";

         $rest_sort=sort($rest_array);          // <-- the problem line

         die("checking: $rest_name<br><br> size = 
".sizeof($rest_array) . " sorted: " . sizeof($rest_sort));

the results come back with 6 in the $rest_array but only 1 in the 
$rest_sort array! How is that??

        checking: Hi-Ho Tavern;Village Inn;Speak Easy;Duane's House Of 
Pizza;Atomic Coffee;
        size = 6 sorted: 1

What I am trying to accomplish is an array('Atomic Coffee', 'Duane's 
House Of Pizza','Hi-Ho Tavern','Speak Easy','Village Inn')


Terry Romine
Web Developer

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