Hi All,

I HOPE this is the right place for this.. if not I am sorry!!!

I'm hoping someone can put me on a clear path of how to do what I am
asking here.

I Have a shopping cart... and in this shopping cart I want to feature
some items in a pop_up window when the user is ready to check out - if
they are not already selected.

For example.. Someone buy a Hockey Stick but don't buy hockey tape..

when when they go to check out.. I want a pop_up to be launched asking
the user if they want to add Hockey tape to their order for onlu $$$.

For this to happen I need to have an onLoad on the checkout page that
calls a javascript function that has PHP code to find out IF a
paritcular product is selected to see if the other has been selected
too, if it's NOT selected then launch the pop_up.

Does ANYONE have any idea's as to how this can be accomplished??

Anyhelp is appreciated!!!!

thanks all.


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