RedHat Linux 7.2 RPM installation included:
PostgreSQL 7.1.3
PHP 4.0.6

Had no problem creating a database using pg but can't find the on/off button 
for php.

PHP is installed in /usr/bin/php; /etc/php.ini; /usr/share/php

I edited the php.ini file to specify a location for;
usr_dir =

The manual for PHP 4.2 (I have 4.0) suggested uncommenting  extra module 
lines in http.conf. I don't know if that is an Apache, Linux or PHP file, 
but I can't find it in any of them.

If I just start typing the hello world script linux wants to execute it 
after the first line. Put the entire script in an executable file and it 
doesn't like that either.

What do I do next?


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