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> Hi there everyone,
> I've just setup Apache 2.0 under Windows XP and LOVE it, PHP and MySQL work fine and 
>people are saying how fast the server is.  However, I am stumped on one thing - how 
>the heck does I set it up so Mail will work?  With my old server (Linux) it was 
>already configured, but from what I understand I have to do something to get it to 
>send mail from Apache/PHP now?
> As a note, under linux I used sendmail.
> Please help, I am so confused I don't know where to start to get the mail working.
> Thanks for everything
> Regards
> Chris Payne

Check your php.ini - you need to configure the smtp server you are going 
to use and IIRC there is provision for a From address.

BTW it would be nice if you could configure Outhouse to wrap at about 74 

David Robley
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