Hi I am a programmer and I just started using PHP4.
I have noticed that when I retreive values from a view into an
associated array using OCI8, I array will not carry the correct field name

For example if I create a view like :

create or replace view view_specimen_details
    as SELECT a.ITEM_CLASS "order",
           a.FIELD2         "scientific name",
           a.FIELD16        "common name",
    FROM  catalogue a

Then execute a select statement like so :

Then I will iterate through the array :

 foreach ($resultSet[0] as $fN => $fV)
        echo $fN;
        echo $fV;
        echo "<br>";

I get :
ITEM_CLASS [value]
FIELD2   [value]
FIELD16 [value]

What I want is :
order [value]
scientific name [value]
common name [value]

Does anyone have a work around?

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