Aaron Wolski wrote:
> Hi All,
> Couple questions on logic and perhaps a useable solution to visitor
> tracking.
> My firm has redesigned a site for a cliet. In this new site we are also
> exploring some Search Engine placement and bidding techniques to
> seriously bolster his activity and buying potential from WEB-referred
> visitors.
> Now.. In doing this... We'll want to setup cookies, etc to track where
> visitors are coming from and what Se's with what keywords are being used
> and if they go on to purchase a product.

first, is stick a stub of code in each page to dump the data into a DB:

IP, date and time.

then just analyze the data, sorting based on a certain time period to 
track the movement of the user.

might be slow when you get a gaggle of users hammering the DB at the 
same time.  and the DB might start to grow at fast rate...

but you asked...   :)

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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