> New PHP (long time PERL user) here.  I am using an Access database -
> yeah I know Access is crap, but I have no choice.  Anyway, it seems that
> this magic backslash thing is unavoidable.  As I understand it, I can shut
> it off at the .ini level, but I am running this app on a hosted server
> other apps - I haven't the choice to make that change.  The question is
> this...
> Can I override the magic_quotes_gpc setting at the script level?  (i.e. on
> the fly, for this script only?)  If not, I am guessing I need to remove
> single quotes on the client side (javascript) prior to submitting the
> (any other ideas on how to handle this without changing the .ini?)

You can use ini_set() in all of your scripts (or include file), or .htaccess
depending on your server.

php_value magic_quotes_gpc 0

Does Access escape it's quotes with an additional ' instead of an \ ? If so,
then you should look at magic_quotes_sybase. Turning it on will escape
strings with a ' instead of an \. It also can be set in .htaccess or

---John Holmes...

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