So on the net I ask for a dump of my database using myPHPadmin, get a
2mb sql file. Put it in my local copy of myphpadmin and it wont accept it.
If I remove some of the lines then it works so I suppose its something to do
with the size. Can this be fixed? Is it to do with timeouts?

    The other problem is that I store pictures in the database, about 1.8mb
worth. They look fine on the net but when i download they are messed up!!!
They used to till I formatted my hard disk, what have I done wrong? Please!

    Just a quick note I have not got a command line access to the online
server only using myphpadmin and I have tried getting a dump using IE and
Netscape  to see if it was IE messing the file up!

    Thanks a lot,


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