1. Problem (Uploads)
Have a look at your php.ini, max_upload_size is 2 MB per default, you may
wish to increase this. Not sure if phpMyAdmin has another parameter to
configure this...

2. Problem (pics messed up)
Seems to be some magic quotes problem. In your php.ini, check
magic_qoutes_gpc and magic_quotes. Can't tell how you designed picture
uploads, but if you did it "the right way" (my opinion, no flames :-), both
need to be "Off".


> Von: Steve Vernon [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Gesendet: Sonntag, 22. September 2002 20:00
> Betreff: [PHP-DB] Large files using phpMyAdmin
> Hiya,
>     So on the net I ask for a dump of my database using 
> myPHPadmin, get a
> 2mb sql file. Put it in my local copy of myphpadmin and it 
> wont accept it.
> If I remove some of the lines then it works so I suppose its 
> something to do
> with the size. Can this be fixed? Is it to do with timeouts?
>     The other problem is that I store pictures in the 
> database, about 1.8mb
> worth. They look fine on the net but when i download they are 
> messed up!!!
> They used to till I formatted my hard disk, what have I done 
> wrong? Please!
>     Just a quick note I have not got a command line access to 
> the online
> server only using myphpadmin and I have tried getting a dump 
> using IE and
> Netscape  to see if it was IE messing the file up!
>     Thanks a lot,
>     Steve
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