Try to use single quotes in your where statement

delete from logfile where browser = 'some_browser';



"Liz Kimber" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu na mensagem
> OK, I have a table, such as
> CREATE TABLE logfile (
>    Address varchar(255) NOT NULL,
>    GroupID varchar(20) NOT NULL,
>    UserID varchar(20) NOT NULL,
>    AccessDate varchar(40) NOT NULL,
>    Cmd varchar(255) NOT NULL,
>    RetCode varchar(4) NOT NULL,
>    Size varchar(20) NOT NULL,
>    Referer varchar(255) NOT NULL,
>    Browser varchar(255) NOT NULL,
>    KEY Address (Address),
>    KEY GroupID (GroupID),
>    KEY UserID (UserID),
>    KEY AccessDate (AccessDate),
>    KEY Cmd (Cmd),
>    KEY RetCode (RetCode),
>    KEY Size (Size),
>    KEY Referer (Referer),
>    KEY Referer_2 (Referer),
>    KEY Browser (Browser)
> );
> OK, so why does the following line not work.
> delete FROM logfile WHERE Browser="somebrowser"
> I dont get it.
> I need to strip out some stuff, the file is getting too big

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