I've been running into a strange problem on my server with scripts that 
take form input and reformat it into SQL. It only happens with statements 
that insert or update data, the first four characters of the POST variables 
starting at the fourth variable passed are dropped.

So lately if I try and insert data into a table using a form:

Form1 holds data: 'onevalue', 'twovalue', 'threevalue', 'fourvalue', 

and posts to a php script that makes an insert statement out of the data, 
the insert statement will read:

insert into tbl_foo values ('onevalue, 'twovalue', 'threevalue', 'value', 

See what I'm saying? It's always four characters and it doesn't seem to 
matter what the data is. Normally I would assume it's my faulty 
programming, but it's also happening with scripts like PHPMyAdmin, and 
OSCommerce. So I'm thinking it's a problem with the server configuration.

It started soon after I upgraded to PHP 4.2.3

I'm running PHP as a module under Apache on a Redhat 7.2 system.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd sure appreciate it, I've been playing with 
php.ini for two days now, and that doesn't seem to have any effect.

Thank you,
-Micah Stevens

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