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> Going through brain-lock here. From this query "Select 
> count(deptid) from
> maintenance group by deptid" ,I get 11 rows. What I need to 
> do is get an
> array like $a=array(315,11,43,67,415,32,25,63,93,46,76) from 
> this query, so
> that 
> $a[0]=315
> $a[1]=11
> $a[2]=43 
> and so on. The best I can get is ;
> $a[0][0]=315
> $a[0][1]=11
> $a[0][2]=43 and so on. Does anyone have any ideas???

Won't that do?  If you don't want to refer to it using the additional first
subscript every time, just create a reference to it:

   $b = &$a[0];

then $b[$x] is the same as $a[0][$x].



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