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> Sent: 24 September 2002 12:37
> I made a class called OracleCon that is used to connect to an 
> Oracle server
> and provide some certain queries to the database
> When i create an object of that class and serialize it to add it to a
> cookie, if i echo the $object->connection attribute i get a 
> "Resource id #2"
> When after redirection due to succefull login, i need to use 
> this object to
> run the queries i get an error like this:
> Warning: ociparse(): supplied argument is not a valid OCI8-Connection
> resource in c:\program files\apache 
> group\apache\htdocs\php\OracleCon.inc on
> line 66
> What is wrong with this?

You can't carry a connection resource from one page to another -- you have
to script an OCILogon (or OCIPLogon) in every page that needs to access your
database.  (This is true not just for Oracle -- all the databases supported
in PHP that I've looked at work the same way.)



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