Go to www.php.net and type in the name of your database (mysql, 
postgres, oracle, mssql) in the search box. That will give you a list of 
all the functions available. Getting a blob is generally the same as 
getting any other data type. Here's the paradigm:

1. connect to the database
2. execute SQL  statement
3. parse/display results

WIth MySQL, this is done with the following functions:

// 1. connect to the database
mysql_connect( <host>, <user>, <pass> );
mysql_select_db( <db_name> );

// 2. execute SQL  statement
$result = mysql_query( <sql> );

// 3. parse/display results
$array = mysql_fetch_array( <results of above query> );

Here are a couple pretty decent tutorials on using PHP and MySQL that 
will probably get you started:




But, of course, PHP.net is the ultimate source of excellent 
documentation on php. You should rarely need to go anywhere else 
(including google) to get most php info.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes!


chekmate (remove) wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I am new to php.
>I have searched the net trying to find a basic code snippet that will
>demonstrate how to download BLOB's from a database. I am not looking for a
>solution exactly, but rather a good starting point. I want to learn this on
>my own. Maybe with a little help. :)
>Is there a resource you could point me to? Or could someone post a small
>sample of code that will get me started?
>Thanks in advance,
>Tim Eberly

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