First make sure you have installed the MyODBC Driver
Then make a odbc DSN to the MySQL database.

Finally try something like this:

odbc_connect($DSN_Name,$UserName, $Password) or die("Could not connect  to
the datasource");

Hope this helps...

"Chris Payne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió en el mensaje
Hi there everyone,

I have always used MySQL with PHP without any problems using the standard
MySQL connection functionality.  Is it possible to connect to a MySQL DB via
ODBC?   If so, what would the PHP Connection string be?  I am curious as my
email server allows you to use external databases for users accounts and I
figure this way I could write a PHP script to control users email accounts.

Thanks everyone, sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, not used ODBC
before so even though I know quite abit about PHP/MySQL, I know diddly about
ODBC :-)

Chris Payne

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