Hello guys

I know this should be asked in another list but don't want to subcribe just 
for a simple question.  I apologise in advance if that bothers anyone.

I'm trying to check valid IPs that come from a form filled by a user so I'm 
using the following:

function valid_ip($ip)
//Check whether it is a valid IP
    if (ereg("^[1-9]{2,3}+\.[1-9]{2,3}+\.[1-9]{2,3}+\.[1-9]{2,3}+$", $ip))
        return true;
        return false;

However it just accepts IPs such as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  Errors arise whith IP 
such as xxx.xx.xxx.xxx that is every part of the IP should be 3 numbers 
lenght to be accepted making the function not very handy.

Any idea?

                         Wilmar Pérez
                     Network Administrator
                       Library System
                      Tel: ++57(4)2105145
                    University of Antioquia
                       Medellín - Colombia

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