1. Check MySQL syntax for locking a record
2. Build the query to do that, assigning it to something like $qry
3. mysql_query( $qry )
4. Check for results

HOWEVER - given that the web is a stateless environment, and a user can 
just close a browser, or walk away, or whatever, are you SURE you want to 
lock a record? An awful lot of db work can be done w/o express locking of 
records. You get an implicit lock on an UPDATE or INSERT.

I've not checked the MySLQ docs, but the classic way to see if a record is 
locked is to attempt a lock. I'd suggest reading up on the pro's and con's 
of locking, either in the MySQL docs or in a general book on SQL.

Hope this helps - Miles Thompson

At 12:11 PM 9/27/2002 +1000, Michael Wai wrote:
>I'm a newbie of PHP and MySQL. Would anyone tell me that how to lock and
>unlock a record of MySQL from PHP? And how other can detect whether this
>record is locked or not?
>Thanks for your help.
>Michael Wai
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