On Sat, 2002-09-28 at 10:02, Diana Castillo wrote:
> Hi, I want to export some fields on a regular basis from a table to a text
> file, preferable to the users local computer. I tried writing to a file with
> fopen but I get "permission denied" when I try to open it for writing.
> What is the best solution?
> Thanks,
> Diana
 If you want to do it as a csv file the best way is select <fields> into
outfile '<outfile path>' fields terminated by ',' from <table>
<conditions>. this writes to a csv file. now being able to do things
wtih that file depends if you are using a Unix clone you have to watch
the permissions on the file it sounds like that is the problem . perhaps
add yourself to the mysql group if the file has group permissions. the
last is just a thought.

John Coder

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