Dear All,

I would like to access legacy Foxpro 2.6 free tables
using ODBC from PHP.

My setup is on one single machine as follow:
    Windows XP Professional
    Apache Windows version 3.23.52
    PHP 4.2.3 Windows version
    Visual Foxpro ODBC Driver Version 6.01.8629.01

First, I created a System DSN by the name of webdata
which points to c:\web\data as a directory of free tables
using XP's ODBC data source administrator. I tested the
ODBC connection using Microsofy Excel and there is no

I then created test.php as follow:

// test.php

    $id = odbc_connect( "webdata", "", "" );
    if ( $id != 0 )   {
        echo "DSN webdata connected<br>";
        echo "ID = ", $id, "<br>";

        $resid = odbc_exec( $id, "select * from dblist" );
        if ( $resid) odbc_result_all( $resid);

    } else  {
        echo "Error connecting to DSN webdata";



When I run the script, the following error output is returned:

DSN webdata connected
ID = Resource id #1

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Cannot open file
c:\web\data\dblist.dbf., SQL state S1000 in SQLExecDirect in c:\web\test.php
on line 10

Since the same ODBC DSN can be accessed from other programs, is it
possible that I have left out something when configuring PHP?

Any assistance would be greately appreciated.

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