I believe below says that you cannot change it a run time. :-\

session.use_trans_sid ------- "1" --------  PHP_INI_SYSTEM|PHP_INI_PERDIR 

Strangely enough says the default is "0" 
where the above reference says it's "1" ... it's a lot of documentation to keep 

Maybe your host lets you change your httpd.conf or .htaccess file? If you are on 
apache you may be able to create a file in the root of your virtual directory named 
.htaccess (it may be there already) ... then add the line to it:

php_flag use_trans_sid off

... I think that's right.

<>< Ryan

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Subject: [PHP-DB] how to disable PHPSESSID from posting in URL 

Hey all,

I KNOW this is not a Db related question but I really need some ideas

I don't want the URL to display this info. I never notcied this being
displayed before but all of a sudden it seemed to pop-up.

I don't host my own server so any access to the php.ini file is not

Any ideas out there?



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