Ditto to postgres.
I agree with you. In my experience, the more complex the more compelling 
reason to go with postgres. Agreed.. mySQL is faster for simple queries. 
In my application I did comparisons in mySQL and postgres and to my 
amazement overall postgres was faster. The reason was similar to yours, 
in many cases it takes several sql statements in mySQL where I could do 
it in one with postgres. I rewrote the system from mySQL to postgress 
and in general the code was cut about 10% and in some cases cut in half. 
I also got rid of a lot of work around.. especially where sub-selects 
are needed. Maybe the new release of mySQL with sub-selects and 
transaction processing will compare favorably??? Donno??

Anyway that was my experience.. hope it helps.
Have a great day...

Gabi Munteanu wrote:
> I would go for postgresql.
> Reasons?
> triggers,procedures,a speed almost equal to mysql.
> they say mysql is faster.
> In my experience, only the simplest sites take advantage of this great
> speed.
> Once, in a web-page I had 2 sql queries to a Postgresql engine
> and I had to re-write the code for Mysql:
> I couldn't without 5 separate queries.
> So, depending on the complexity of your site
> you shoud choose betwwen Postgreasql and MySQL.
> Gabi

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