I want to thank everyone that helped me with phpMyAdmin suggestions.  It
took me 6 and a half hours to get it to work, but I got it to work!  LOL!
You guys have no idea how confusing the configuration file is for some that
is new to php and doesn't know unix.

And that leads me to my question.

I have a directory where I put phpMyAdmin, how to I keep everyone out but
me...yet still be able to access it myself.

Also, when I create my PHP scripts to access this database (which I've
actually done) I want to put them in a directory that is safe from prying
eyes but usable by those coming in through the browser (if that makes

You guys keep talking about this chmod command...but I'm using WS-FTP LE and
all I get is Owner, Group, and Other with the options to set Read, Write and
Execute for each.

And I've read that I should be 2 directories down?

Thanks guys.


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