Hi there everyone,

I have a problem i'm trying to figure out but i'm not too good with arrays, just know 
the basics, if anyone could help me out on this it would be wonderful :-)

I have two sets of data in columns of a MySQL DB, these items are size and price.

Size is seperate by comma's in the first column, and I have it split into a dropdown 
box no problem to read (For example):


but then I have a price field, which contains 1.99,2.99,3.99 etc ..... what I need to 
do is when someone selects an item from the dropdown - say small as an example, it 
would know how to get 1.99 from the price entry in the DB.  I guess what I need to do 
is somehow associate each entry in the price field with those in the size, but I have 
no idea how to do it :-(

Any help would be really appreciated as this stumps the hell out of me.



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