I currently am using the fgetcsv function to read in fields from a
user-defined file.  The delimited file is read and displayed just fine.

    Firstly, what I'm trying to accomplish:  The MySQL database has a table
with about 30 fields.  The user-defined file may contain only some of these
fields and in no particular order.  I'm trying to achieve a way for the user
to specify what each field is so the insert into MySQL is done correctly.
(An analogy would be a custom import.

    The problem I'm having is finding the best way to go about this.  I've
been able to read in the data via fgetcsv and dynamically displaying a drop
down box above each field with all possible choices but am unable to create
a way to link the two for each field successfully.  Been looking for
solutions as well as trial and error to no avail.
Any suggestions?

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