How about the dbm or dbase functions in the manual? You can create flat
file databases with them and possibly have a little more built in
functionality that you won't have to program. I've never used them, but
check the manual and see if they'll suit you needs.

Chapter XVII. Database (dbm-style) abstraction layer functions
Chapter XIX. dBase functions
Chapter XX. DBM Functions

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 6:28 PM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] FLAT FILE database questions.
> Hello All,
>       Well, I'm in a situation where I would like to ONLY use a flat
> database.  I have searched hi and low, though could not find too many
> resources.  So, I am creating my own libraries utilizing arrays.  Does
> anyone have any good links for FLAT FILE databases.  Thanks alot. :-)
> John Negretti
> Web Applications Developer
> Cox Communications
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