I was wondering if anyone has some resources (links or scripts) on 'advanced site 
searches'. Something that is similar to the way regular search engines process 

ie.   "phrase or two" word +required -"not included"

Also, returning details of that search, say for example returning 10 words before and 
10 words after and displaying it in search results. The ability to search similar 
words (eg. ignoring punctuation) would be cool aswell.

I am interested in this for database (all text fields), and also searching text files 
on filesystem.

Now, I'm not trying to recreate Google or anything, and this is just for my own 
research (at this time), but I eventually would like to be able to create a smarter 
site searching engine.

Can anyone give suggestions? or any links to tutorials (or books)

I have used regex a little bit before, but not in PHP (only ASP and JavaScript).


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