Cory Hicks [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> Hello to all!
> Quick it possible to do an update query w/ a 
> join yet? If not, what is your preferred method? Would you 
> take care of it on the PHP side?
No, it's not possible, at least not with MySQL 3.x. MySQL 4.1, currently in
development, will feature nested subqueries and multi-table-updates.
> I need to update a table w/ data from another table if 
> certain conditions are true, i.e the fields in the table to 
> be joined are "NULL"....
I have to do that a couple of times, and always do it this way:
Build a SELECT statement, selecting all the data you will need in the
updates, and the primary key for the table which needs updates.
Fetch all the data in a nested array, like this:
  $a = array(<primary key 1> => array ("col1"=>"data1","col3"=>"data3"),
             <primary key 2> => array ("col2"=>"data2","col3"=>"data3"),
and then, do the updates in a neat foreach loop:
  foreach ($a as $pkey=>$data) {
    [ build update stmt from $data array ]
    dbquery ($stmt)

Hope this helps.


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