Please forgive me ahead of time, but I didn't want to subscribe to the
high-vol general list for a single question. Actually, I need this to prep
data to be passed to a db, so it's kind of close.

I have a variable number of hidden fields being passed from page A into page
B via POST. On page B, I want to take those hidden fields and turn them into
an associative array. I am able to get the data out of the $HTTP_POST_VARS
and make it look the way I want with the following code:

<!-- { mySelect = '40', mySelect_10 = 'Miami', mySelect_20 = 'New England',
mySelect_30 = 'Buffalo', mySelect_40 = 'New York' } -->

        foreach ($HTTP_POST_VARS as $key => $value) {
                if (preg_match("/mySelect_/", $key ))
                        echo("Found a match.<br>");
                        $stripped = substr_replace($key, "", 0, 9);
                        echo("Content ID=".$stripped."<br>");
                        echo("Its text value is: ".$value);

                        $newInfo = array($stripped => $value);


The resulting sample HTML data looks like this:
Found a match.
Content ID=10
Its text value is: Miami

Found a match.
Content ID=20
Its text value is: New England

Found a match.
Content ID=30
Its text value is: Buffalo

Found a match.
Content ID=40
Its text value is: New York

Array ( [40] => New York ) //here's the problem

The problem is in the $newInfo = array($strippd => $value); and it's the
last line of the sample HTML code.

What I want to achieve is:
Array ( [10] => Miami, [20] => New England, [30] => Buffalo, [40] => New
York ).

Any ideas how to get there?

Thanks in advance.

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