if you want to access stuff from row 3 while being in row 2.. you first have
to put it all into an array.. and then you coul do that.. but i can't comup
with something where you need something like that.. a strange idea...?

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I know that, but what if I need to access data from the next row?  If I 
have 3 rows, is there a way to access something from row 3 while the 
loop is in row 2, but still have the loop go to row 3 when it's done 
with row 2?

John W. Holmes wrote:

>>Using mysql, how do I access the data of the next row using code
>>something like this:
>>$result = mysql_query("select column from table where
>>while($array = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
>Each iteration of the while loop will fetch a row for you and it's
>contents will be in the $array[] array. Try "echo $array['column'];"
>inside of your while to see what I'm talking about.
>---John Holmes...

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