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| Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2002 2:30 PM
| Subject: [PHP-DB] Obsession for Oil
| Reports of US annexing Iraq  appears to be highly disturbing. The oil
| reserves of Iraq appear to be the prime motive behind the US  ambition of
| ruling that country (without realising that even those reserves  are
| limited).  Perhaps it would be more good if US could concentrate
| on research
| to have hydrogen as fuel substitute instead of indulging in another
| arms-flexing exercise. The world is aware on who are the biggest
| consumers of
| oil and who contributes more to the global warming (considering
| the fact that
| even completely burnt hydrocarbons would produce carbon-dioxide).
| The world
| is also aware about the capability of  the promoters of 'free markets' to
| influence US Government and international organisations to get results in
| their favour.  These vocalists  of free markets have acquired immense
| capability to remain calm, even if  humanity is threatened, to
| such an extent
| that it can be compared to  any rogue organisation. The world is
| also aware
| on who contributed to the  loss of 5% of the ozone layer, creating a hole
| (that is gradually drifting  to the nearest pole as a result of the
| centrifugal action caused by the  rotation of the earth). The
| world is also
| aware about who is testing  armaments (on live targets under the name of
| carpet bombing) to flush out  mines. US should now sit and learn
| why some
| organisations attacked ruthless 'trading centres' and brainless 'arms
| headquarters' and what should  be done to avoid such reprisals in
| future.
| Perhaps this would give it enough courage to live in dignity and to let
| others live too.
| CK Raju
| PS : Sorry to post it here, but unilateral actions such as these
| have a high
| say in our career and would definitely make a change in the way
| we live and
| think now.
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