I'm trying to use the following simple script to set cookies but get the
following error message

"cannot add header information - headers are already sent by(output started
at c:\program files\php home edition 2\www\listing19.1.php:3) in  c:\program
files\php home edition 2\www\listing19.1.php on line 4

3       <?php
4       setcookie( "vegetable", "artichoke", time()+3600, "/", $SERVER_NAME,
0 );
5       ?>
6       <html>
7       <head>
8       <title>Listing 19.1</title>
9       </head>
10      <body>
11      <?php
12      if ( isset($vegetable ) )
13       print "<p>hello again your chosen veg is $vegetable</p>";
15       else print "<p>hello  your 1st visit ?</p>";
17       ?>
19      </body>
20      </html>


Steve Dodkins

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