Hi People.....

I need import some data from a Paradox table, i used the script below, it worked just 
fine......but all the data was imported without the "  or  or  ", understand??? 
portuguese words.... all this changes to some wierd caracter.... is there a way to fix 
this, since my table is a Paradox 4 ANSI INTL850..... am i fried??????

 $conexao = odbc_connect("rodrigo","","") or die();
 $query = odbc_exec($conexao,"Select * from clientes") or die();

 $delete = mysql_query("delete from cli");

 while (odbc_fetch_row($query)) {

 $clirep = odbc_result($query,1);
 $clicod = odbc_result($query,2);
 $cliemp = odbc_result($query,3);
 $clinom = odbc_result($query,4);
 $cliend = odbc_result($query,5);
 $clitel = odbc_result($query,6);
 $clifax = odbc_result($query,8);
 $cliema = odbc_result($query,9);
 $clibai = odbc_result($query,10);
 $clicid = odbc_result($query,11);
 $cliest = odbc_result($query,12);
 $clicep = odbc_result($query,13);
 $cliins = odbc_result($query,14);
 $clifat = odbc_result($query,17);
 $clicgc = odbc_result($query,19);
 $clicta = odbc_result($query,21);
 $clilic = odbc_result($query,22);
 $clidia = odbc_result($query,25);


$insert = mysql_query("INSERT INTO cli (clirep, clicod, cliemp, clinom, cliend, 
clitel, clifax, cliema, clibai, clicid, cliest, clicep, cliins,clifat, clicgc, clicta, 
clilic, clidia) VALUES('$clirep', '$clicod', '$cliemp', '$clinom', '$cliend', 
'$clitel', '$clifax', '$cliema', '$clibai', '$clicid', '$cliest', '$clicep', 
'$cliins', '$clifat', '$clicgc', '$clicta', '$clilic', '$clidia');");

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