thanks guys.  that is how i planned to do it, but i wanted to hear this
from others.  This is how i accomplished the other two moves.  sometimes
you just want to see if anyone has a better way.  and the file copy method
just seems to easy, it almost seems wrong  ;-), but it doesn't stop me from
using it all the time.

thanks again.

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>I am in the process of upgrading my UNIX hardware and moving web sites
>two different servers on to one server.  I am curious as to opinions about
>moving/replicating the databases and peoples experiences.  For the two
>i have already done, i have taken a rather manual approach which was easy,
>but the rest are more dynamically generated and dependent on MySQL and I
>was looking for a tool that could replicate the structure and data onto a
>new server.
>Anybody find an easy way to do this.  I could write something in PHP, but
>if i could, it's probably already written....

So how different are the servers?  Moving databases between similar servers
can be as simple as
copying the database directories, and executing a CREATE DATABASE dbname
command for each.
You will also need to GRANT access to various users as needed.  That is
part of the mysql database
and the easiest way to merge them is by issuing the needed commands.


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