We have had two or more MySQL datasources in the same PHP script on a few 
different sites. Can't really tell you much though as we didn't do anything 
out of the norm to do it. Just connected to them.

Thought you might like reassurance that it has been done.


Owen Prime

Benji Spencer wrote:

> I am in need of connecting to seperate MSSQL databases (two seperate
> hosts even). When I attempt this, the second one always seems to
> segfualt Apache (and thus returns "no data". Has anyone succeeded in
> connecting to two datasources in the same PHP script?
> I am running...
> FreeTDS 0.53
> Apache 1.3.12
> PHP 4.0.6
> Linux box
> (I know your first suggestion would be to upgrade, which I am working
> on. However, I rather that not be the real solution at this time).

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