Passing string variable to HTML TITLE tag fails within Netscape but work
well within IE.

I have a single page consisting of inventory items to be sold. When an item
is selected, it passes the product name to a DETAIL page as part of the
TITLE tag for the DETAIL page. My problem is: Netscape does not like the
SPACES between the text and refuses to display the DETAIL page.

Initially, I thought there might be some way to parse the string and add the
ascii code for SPACE, but I wasn't sure if I was on the right track. Does
anyone have a proven solution to this problem?

I thought the pseudo code might look something like this:
    while stepping through the characters in this $string_holder
        { if character = " " (or some other representation)
            replace it with something that doesn't
            scare netscape or title tag
return $string_holder;

if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS["itemname"])) {
    $title = (parse_and_change($HTTP_GET_VARS["itemname"] ));
    $title="Generic Product Title";

<title><?php echo $title ?> </title>

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