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> Has anyone out there using PHP and Oracle come across this 
> problem?  I have
> a text area that allows free-form text that I store in a 
> varchar2 column.  I
> have problems with apostrophes in the free-form text.

Uh-oh!  Standard can of worms no. 3!

>  When 
> users put in an
> apostrophe the SQL fails.  If I force 3 apostrophes (the 

Shouldn't that be *two* apostrophes?  That's how it works here, anyway!

> usual Oracle method
> of embedding apostrophes) the SQL fails.  The only way to get 
> round the
> problem is to strip them out (which I consider a work-around 
> not a fix).

You may also want to investigate the php.ini settings magic_quotes_gpc, 
magic_quotes_runtime and magic_quotes_sybase -- although personally I prefer not to 
use these as I'm averse to magic (well, other people's, anyway!).



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