Howdi all,

How can you list the contents of a table and skip duplicate Dates??

select Date from table_name where name = 'Test';

2000-01-02   <------- How would you get rid of this duplicate date (without
deleting it ;-))?

I want to just get a list of dates in the table that querys have been
inserted, but not duplicate dates...

Say for instance I had 1 entry on 2000-01-01, and I had 10 entrys on
2000-01-02 I want it to tell me that
there is a date for 2000-01-01 and a date for 2000-01-02, not for it to tell
me there is 10 entrys on 2000-01-02

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks guys

Chris Grigor

Calibre Clinical Consultants


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