Hi there everyone,

Thank you all for your responses to my question about the best way to end a
PHP command (Or use Echo to print HTML).

My gut feeling was it should be ok, it's just that *To me* it is MUCH easier
to follow code which doesn't contain echo "<table width=50>" etc ..... I
much prefer to do it ?> <table width="50"> and so on, it seems to look much
cleaner to me.  I'm not a C+ programmer, a Perl programmer or anything like
that, i've learnt ASP and PHP, started with ASP but found it to be a system
hog, tried PHP and fell in love with it within a couple of days and just
wanted to make sure I wasn't putting unecessary strain on my server :-)

Thanks again everyone, this is the best PHP / Programming mailinglist out


Chris Payne

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